A second generation DJ, MC Oz grew up listening to his Dad playing at families’ gatherings. But while his father took music mixing as a hobby, Ostrick Jansen wanted to take it to the next level. After getting his first own DJ booth from his mother, the then teenager took some time to practice in the privacy of his home before joining one of Aruba’s most popular mobile discos.

Between 2006 and 2008 he played around the island together with Miniteca Exide. However, the opportunity to tip his toes in another music venture was too hard to resist. For the next two years Ostrick joined the band “Privé”. This stint didn’t quite make it for him, so he returned to his original passion, DJing.

Wanting to spread his wings and absorb as much as possible, he decided to move to the Netherlands. He spent 4 years there, and it proved to be the best step and then some. MC Oz toured the country and also played at some of the hottest night clubs in Europe. Club Index in Germany, Club Highstreet in Belgium and Club Londoner in Spain, are just some of them.