Romiën Dijkhoff born on April 21st, 1988 in the Netherlands. Being around music all his life and has play many instruments. He began officially spinning with his 16 years. With his extensive music collection you can be sure to hear the hottest mixes.

All started as a hobby by dj-ing with very known disco jockey as Exide & Genie. But was looking for new challenges. So he discover the online radiostream. It started as a joke challenging himself for audience and so he reached his goal by getting support and audience from locals in Aruba as well as in the Netherlands.

After gaining experience in the online radio stream try out, he wanted to reach a new goal. Host a program on one of Aruba’s local radiostation. In 2009 a very challenging opportunity has presented to host a radio program from 10pm to 12am. It was a succesfull experience and reached a big audience so they offer him to change his On Air time to 8pm to 10pm.

In 2012 Dj Beatz has stopped spinning with disco jockeys. So he started “Beatz Entertainment”. Beatz Entertainment is surely dominating our youngest till the adult with their unique style of entertainment.

2013 he changed from one to another local radiostation. It was also a new challenge for himself for being a new radiostation. But didn’t last much, after receiving a call to join this Team he has been joining for 3 years already. Which is POWER FM 101.7.

With no doubt he took that opportunity which today he has been hosting his “Beatz Entertainment Radio Show” on Monday to Friday from 6pm to 8pm. And that every one knows him as “El Flaco, Monarca di Ambiente or Beatz”.

Jama nos:
+297 585 2021
Piedra Plat 44 C-D, Oranjestad, Aruba.
Telephone: +297 585 2021