This is Ruben Garcia,known in the early beginning of his career as Dj Scorpio,due to the fact that his zodiacal sign is Scorpio....Oct-30- 52,but through the years his popular name became Tio due to his 60 something years old and still making news. Yes,Tio married Teresa in the late 70’s and blessed with 2 beautiful daugthers Vefi and Gil in the early 80’s….His biggest reward of life is being Grandpa of Antron Franken back in the year 2005. Nowadays his son in law Darcy controls his facebook for his daily tv and radio show.

Everything started on the first of June 1970,when his application for a vacation job as an operator was accepted at Radio Kelkboom…His dedication and innovative spirit guided him to new horizons including Voz di Aruba 1976 followed by Canal 90 in 1989,accepting a new challenge in the new Millenium of 2002 @ Magic FM…Ruben his dream came true when finally on September first he got the offer of his career and joined POWER FM 101.7 as director and shareholder of the company…..Music,promotor,Master of Ceremonies,Dj,producer and more is just part of his life.

Rock with him every morning from monday to friday from 10.00 to 12. noon And on Sundays he mashes the place during the Sunday Xtravaganza POWER SENSATION,where you live the hot Salsa,reggae,R&B,Rock,Zouk and some Criollos as part his repertoire.

Scorpio,Tio or simply Ruben believes that music you can hear anywhere…but his entertainment is his Exclusively.

Jama nos:
+297 585 2021
Piedra Plat 44 C-D, Oranjestad, Aruba.
Telephone: +297 585 2021