Ivan Kelie Jr

Ivan Kelie Jr. starts working in the Aruba’s radio business at Radio Carina 97.9 FM in 1979. Allstarts when he had school vacation where he helped reorganized the disco library of the station. He did this for 3 months but meanwhile went back to school and in his free time and in the weekends he was always at the station to help and learn all he wanted to know.

Ivan was born on the 21 st of August 1961 and his journey begins when he was only 18 as a school vacation job program, where he daily learned all what had to do with radio as operating special show program as AT40 (American Top 40 on vinyl records hosted by the late Casey Kasem), musical programing setup and recording, news and live remote broadcast locally and internationally and a lot more which is too many to mention.

As the years goes by he started his own radio show with lots of success and was then the chosen one from Aruba together with other radio representatives for different islands in the Caribbean to attend for 3 weeks in Caracas a special training program invited by the Venezuelan government to learn all what has to do with, broadcasting, recording, news, production on a high professional level for that time period.

The longest school training he had in his professional experience in this radio broadcast world is four years of learning experience to write and speak correctly our own language Papiamento, today he enjoy so much for this opportunity taken. Ivan had travelled to various other islands in the Caribbean, USA, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Europe to learn, host and live remote broadcast any special event to Aruba. All these events were broadcasted true telephone line, point to point radio frequency broadcast, later in the digital as world technology advances with Satellite, Dialup, ISDN, DSL and today with Wi-Fi internet where this made the world small to do broadcasting from all over with just one click. Ivan had built from scratch, two local radio stations and moved one technically from one location to another.

For more than 34 years Ivan learned and still is doing this part as his daily routine in Sales and Marketing. About 36 years ago, he was inspired by Casey Kasem, Ryan Seacrest, Shadoe Stevens and others to host and produce the Aruba’s Top 40 countdowns till today every Saturday from 1 pm till 5 pm at Power 101.7 FM.

He definitely loves his job by heart, and always do what he likes to do most.

Jama nos:
+297 585 2021
Piedra Plat 44 C-D, Oranjestad, Aruba.
Telephone: +297 585 2021
E-mail: info@powerfm1017.com